KING AUTOMATIC [FRA] ft. Swamp Blues Kara


Τετάρτη 3 Μαϊου 2023

Where lies the future of Rock ‘n’ Roll?

Will we recycle old ideas ad infinitum – 3 chords boom chica boom, mimick the past and kneel and pray at the alter of Jerry Lee Lewis, The Ramones and the Cramps or will we introduce new musical concepts into Rock ‘n’ Roll, embrace the future and venture into unsafe yet exciting waters?

Will we limit ourselves by sticking to the musical traditions of the Western hemisphere only or will we seek inspiration across the four corners of our globe and make truly trans-global Rock ‘n‘ Roll?

It is time to expand the horizon and to seek out new territories – it is time to evolve and if that evolutionary process takes the shape of King Automatic…well that’s all the better.

This Gentleman finds inspiration in Jamaican Rocksteady, Rhythm‘n’Blues, Bebop and the tribal drumming of West Africa to mention only a few of the ingredients of a truly exotic musical cocktail.

In addition to the musical diversity to be found in his music, King Automatic has also freed Rock ‘n’ Roll from the lyrical cliché of: “I picked up my baby in a ’59 De Ville, we tore through the city seeking cheap thrills”.

There is actually real songwriting at play here which adds a welcomed layer to the music we all like to drink, dance and make babies to.

Starting out in the mid-1990’s as the drummer of the legendary French Punk band Thundercrack, King Automatic took a radical turn at the beginning of the new Millenium and introduced a new dimension to the sound of one-man bands.

He began to sample and loop organ, guitar, harp and percussion sounds live on stage to create a truly sonic soundscape – close your eyes and you will swear you are listening to an orchestra.

With his album “In The Blue Corner” on Voodoo Rhythm Records, he has taken his vision to the next level and has created an even more diverse record, having once and for all left behind the shackles and confinements of traditional Rock ‘n’ Roll and his journey has led him to exciting places – mesdames & messieurs join King Automatic on his unique odyssee and explore the Rock ‘n’ Roll of the world!

Swamp Blues Kara OneManBand

Multi-Instrumentalist, musician, singer/songwriter from Greece, Panagiotis combines powerful lyrics with hard sound music.

Deeply influenced by the acoustic blues and folk music as well as greek folk music and dark country, creates a warm but at the same time powerful sound.

His playing focuses on fundamental musical elements and explores simple but meaningful musical paths.

The one man band project started in 2019, under the name “Swamp Blues Kara” where Blues, folk/country – Dark country influences dominates with the use of Bluegrass instruments (resonator guitars, Cigar boxes, Banjo, harmonicas) 

Facebook: SwampBluesKara
Instagram: SwampBluesKara
YouTube : SwampBluesKara  
Spotify: SwampBluesKara

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