Τετάρτη 10 Μαϊου 2023

Ένας απο τους αξιολογότερους νέους καλλιτέχνες, με την εξαιρετική stage περσόνα που θυμίζει τον μέγιστο David Bowie, έρχεται στο stage του Rover για ένα εκρηκτικό live που θα μας μεταφέρει στο feeling μιας άλλης εποχής, ίσως σε μία underground σκηνή της Αγγλίας. 

Ετοιμαστείτε για χορό, ιδρώτα, raw ενέργεια και ένα blend iconic τραγουδιών της rock σκηνής με νέα πνοή.

Έχοντας στις αποσκευές του τα τραγούδια του που κυκλοφόρησαν πρόσφατα, το αγαπημένο ραδιοφωνικό hit single «Strange» , το μελωδικό «Hey You» και το δυναμικό «Hypocrites», o D3lta αποδεικνύει ότι είναι από τους πιο ταλαντούχους τραγουδοποιούς και performer της γενιάς του, κάτι που άλλωστε διαπίστωσαν όσοι παραβρέθηκαν στη συναυλία του πλάι σε London Grammar, Hooverphonic & LP το καλοκαίρι στην Πλατεία Νερού.

Τη βραδιά ανοίγουν οι Night Hexe, το εκρηκτικό duo των Pablo Casadey & Sam Young.

Με ρίζες από Αργεντινή και Αγγλία, σπίτι τους πλέον είναι οι Ευρωπαικοί δρόμοι.

Σκοτεινοί ατμοσφαιρικοί στίχοι, post-punk κιθάρες και ηλεκτρονικά beats.

Με το νέο τους δίσκο στις αποσκευές θα κάνουν ένα πέρασμα από τη Θεσσαλονίκη


With no interest in “fitting in”, D3lta is defying expectations both musically and personally.

Versatile, creative and energetic, his music nor his style are confined by labels and he intends it that way.

Born and raised in Greece to a Greek and a British parent, D3lta first explored music on the piano, starting his classical training aged 5 before picking up a guitar aged 12 to experiment with the grunge and punk music that fuelled his creativity during his teens.

Having performed in various bands throughout high school in Athens, he fully immersed himself in London’s underground music scene whilst studying engineering there, and performed at such iconic venues as London’s Comedy Club, Blues Kitchen and smaller venues and clubs around Kent and Bristol.
Upon his return to Greece after his studies, D3lta formed his own band, Black and Blue, which quickly rose to prominence thanks to their reputation for energetic live shows.

They soon booked a residency gig supporting a pop star in Greece, playing a 2000
capacity venue twice a week, but when the gig came to an end so did the band and in a pivotal moment D3lta decided it was time to record his material as a solo artist. 

His debut solo releases in 2018 were met with critical acclaim in Greece as well as attracting attention at the Greek Mad Awards where he won the award for Best New Artists. He performed to 40,000 people at OAKA Stadium in Greece and Rock FM, the country’s biggest rock radio station had his most recent single Addicted on playlist rotation.

With momentum building and D3lta’s headline shows selling out in Athens, the global pandemic felt like a huge blow at first, but it soon became apparent that this forced pause was exactly what he needed to focus on his writing and become a better musician.

With the time to breathe and immerse himself in his music, D3lta had soon written 20 new songs, created demos in his home studio and showcased them to producers in the UK which is when he met Jim Abbiss (Adele, Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian).

Working with Abbiss, D3lta has experimented with his sound over the past year to record music that doesn’t and shouldn’t necessarily fit into the box of a genre.

“I always try to follow the song and where it wants to take me rather than imposing a certain structure or sound.

For the time being the most common element in terms of the sound, is that the production is based on live performances of people playing in a room together – which is unique apparently – and the very human vibe that this creates.” 

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